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Book Essay

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  • on November 18, 2013
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Intended Learning Outcomes:
1. Explain CB2505 Tutorial Logistics
2. Explain CB2505 Group Project
3. Form Project Team
4. First Tutorial Submission (1%)

1. Introduction to the logistics of Tutorials (5 minutes)

  • Practical labs sessions and Elevator Pitch for e-Business.
  • 1% for each tutorial submission from Week 4 to Week 8 (submit exercise to the Assignment Page of Blackboard on the same day of the tutorial).
  • Can raise questions of group project to tutors and work on project in each week (after finishing your exercises).
  • Tutorials Week 9 and 10 are for Elevator Pitch (5%); ALL team members need to attend these tutorials; all or nominated members of a team conduct the elevator pitch.
  • The Elevator Pitch sequence can be determined by lucky draw or other means deemed appropriate by tutor no later than Week 5.

2. Tutor briefs group project (10 minutes)

3. Project Team Formation and Discussion (20 minutes)

Students are semi-free to form a project group of No More than 5 members to tackle their group projects; all members must be within the same tutorial session!

Prepare an initial schedule to highlight your project milestones (e.g., when to complete which tasks of the project by whom).

4. Initial Project Planning and Submission (5 minutes)

4.1 Use Google Document to enter your group formation details that include: your Tutorial Session ID (obtained from the Class Attendance Sheet), Project Group Name, Tentative Project Title, Student Full Name, and Student ID via the Google Form at:


The Google Form looks like the following:

4.2 After entering your information and before the submission, make a screen capture and copy the screen shot to a MS Word file. Then, save the MS Word file with our standard format (e.g., Week4__.doc) and submit the MS Word through the Week4 Tutorial submission link under the Assignment Page of...

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