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Boyz N the Hood Essay

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  • on November 19, 2013
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Boyz n the Hood
Tre Styles lives with his mother in Inglewood, California. When Tre gets in a fight in his school one day, his teacher calls his mother and tells her she thinks Tre is inmature and lacks respect towards his fellow teachers and classmates. His mother was concerned about his future, so she decided to send Tre to live with his father in Crenshaw, California, hoping his father can teach him to become a good man.
Moving in with his father wasn’t the ideal situation for young Tre. His first night at his father’s house, someone broke into the house. The cops didn’t do anything about it because no one was hurt, and nothing was taken. Tre meets three kids his age that live in his father’s neighborhood, who are named Darrin "Doughboy" Baker, Doughboy's maternal half-brother Ricky, and Chris. Doughboy and Ricky live with their mother across the street from Tre’s father, Furious.
While Ricky is naïve and trusting, Doughboy is aggressive and street-smart. On their way home from a fishing trip, Tre and his father Furious see Doughboy and Chris being taken away in a police car for stealing at a local shop. Furious has managed to have a tight hold on Tre and did the job Tre’s mother wanted him to do. Tre holds a steady job and excels at school.
Seven years later at a local street racing gathering, Ricky is provoked by Ferris who is a Bloods member. Ricky’s brother Doughboy shows his gun in defense of his brother, and Ferris shoots his gun in the air, causing everyone to run and drive away for safety. The next day, Ricky and his brother Doughboy get into a fight, and in disgust Ricky walks away and heads down the road. Tre catches up to him and they head to the grocery store, but encounter Ferris and the Bloods again. Tre and Ricky get scared and run off through back alleys and split up so avoid them. The Bloods find Ricky and shoot him twice, once in the back and once in the leg. The Bloods leave the scene quickly and Tre and the rest of the guys picked...

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