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Breakfast Cereal Essay

  • Submitted by: Bella1996
  • on November 18, 2013
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Breakfast Cereal
Aimee, Genesis, Ruth and Destiny
Purpose: which cereal has the most iron?
Hypothesis: We believe that the cereal Kellogg’s Komplete has the most iron.
  * Prove which cereal contains the most iron.
  * Prove how much iron you eat for breakfast.

  * Duct tape
  * Measuring cup
  * Magnets
  * Magnifying glass
  * Plastic bottles
  * Small glass bottles
  * Cereals
  * Iron

  1. Choose 4 kinds of breakfast cereals to test with varying iron contents. You will need 250 milliliters of each cereal for the experiment.
  2. Cut off the bottom of all 4 plastic bottles. Take off the lids of the water bottles. When you turn the bottles upside down, they will work as funnels.
  3. Tape the magnet on the outside of the bottle about half way down using the duct tape. Label the bottles with the types of the cereals that you will test.
  4. Put 250 mL of one type of cereal in the blender and add 250 mL of distilled water.
  5. Blend the water and cereal on high until you have smooth slurry and there are no visible lumps or chunks of cereal left.
  6. Carefully pour the slurry into the measuring cup.
  7. Rinse the blender with a small amount of water (20mL) and pour this rinse into the measuring cup.
  8. Take the bottle that goes with the cereal and hold it above the large bowl. Position it on its side with the cut-off part slightly higher than the top and rotate it so that the magnet is on the bottom side of the bottle.
  9. Slowly pour the slurry through the bottle, making sure the slurry goes over the magnet and the liquid is collected in the large bowl.
  10. If the slurry becomes solid and hard to pour, put the cereal back in the blender along with 100 mL of distilled water and blend. Pour the slurry back into the measuring cup and continue pouring it through the bottle.
  11. After all of the slurry cereal has been poured through the bottle, pour an additional 150mL of...

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