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Brics Essay

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The BRIC countries Brazil, Russia, India and china. Together generate more than 25 percent of global GDP. These countries run a quarter of three continents where many people follow them. regardless if they are going in the good or the bad way which improve how they can control this part of the world .
Without any exception Brazil, Russia, India and china faced a lot of economic, social and cultural crises which gives these countries the first and the important first push to recover themselves again and make this black cloud almost disappeared.
The unexpected change of the global situation has speed up the BRICs' recovery. However, change trends are projected to culminate in the BRICs converting raising productivity and improving innovation into the comeback of the emerging economies.
The BRICs markets report rapidly growing economies like other emerging markets. As Russia raised its GNI per capital to be between $3000- $10000 which makes the consumers to take off their demand noting that China, India and Brazil followed Russia except India.   In other words, it's expected by 2025 approximately 200 million people in the BRICs will have annual incomes greater than $ 15,000. To make sure to overcome the poverty issues in their countries.   Due to the income growth of course the demands and wants will grow too with the law price of the products.
Every new situation has to pass through bright and dark side; the BRICs didn’t consider the problems that may occur within the new step of their evolution. The economic growth rates have been slowing down due to the activity expands.   Missing with the GNI rates determines the safety of the country if it will be poor in the future or not.
Russia faced particular problems such as the erratic swings in commodity prices which complicate setting budgets and planning programs. plus, its crumbling political infrastructure for its tension with the west create some threats to get Russia out from the list. Brazil's big issue is in...

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