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Broken Fences Essay

  • Submitted by: chrisblakley
  • on November 18, 2013
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Christian Blakley
Stephen Gray
24 October 2013
We Can’t All Do a Thing
Broken Fences demonstrates our country’s struggle for acceptance. Although we have overcome many cultural leaps, we still have a long way to go. This play gave the audience the opportunity to think about what black and white really means to us. Whether or not an audience member was black or white they understood or at least related to the play in some way.
Before the play even started from the set one could tell that there was going to be some form of a cultural divide. On stage left was a ratty old brick home with the door wide open and what we later find out to be the home of Hoody and D, and on stage right we have a house that seems to be newer and simply nicer. In the first act of Broken Fences, Czar and April move into the house on stage right set in Garfield Park, a crime infested city that is being rebuilt. Within minutes of the play it becomes apparent that they do not belong there, Czar agrees but April most certainly does not. Czar knows that this isn’t the place for them and that it isn’t the safest neighborhood. Then all of a sudden something is said that becomes the theme for the play. Czar says that their friends, Spence and Barb, will think that they are just “doing a thing.” What is this “doing a thing?”
Later in the play the thing being done was them moving there to begin with. Their attempts of being the trendy urban parents who are trying something new by living in a community being rebuilt, letting their tax dollars go towards building Starbucks and Whole Foods around the nation. Aside from that they did a thing unheard of from their friends, they made black friends! This doesn’t seem like a huge event but for them it really was. The only black people that Czar and April saw before this were most likely on television.
Who knew that black people and white people could have so much in common? The characters in this play surely didn’t. Both sides had their...

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