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Broker /Manager Essay

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Computer Information Paper
January 23, 2012
John Ziah

In the acceleration of technology has led to easier and more efficient ways to input, process, and analyze data.   The variety of ways to input information is dependent of the devices selected by the users for the most effective and accurate ways to organize and process the input needs. In addition, the out data requires hardware devices to view the processed input data to determine if successful process.   There are several methods of data input is important and critical for the operations of individual businesses and personal users.   One of these types is human data-entry input technologies that include a keyboard, mouse, optional mouse, touch screen, stylus, and keypad.   In addition, source data automation input devices includes ATM’s, barcode scanners, radio frequency identification (RFID), and Personal Digital Assistance (PDA).   Finally, very common output technologies include various types of monitors, impact, and non-impact printers.
In today’s business world the best way to evaluate data (e.g., websites, bank statements, magazines, TV shows, movies, etc) is by receiving feedback from customers.   There are many methods to obtain feedback, this include   data input through printed questionnaire or telephone surveys,   The input can be in the form of responding to standard questions such multiple choice or written essays.     The method of conducting telephone surveys is using a live individual or the most accurate would be using a computerized automated system.   Customer feedback is essential to delivering a better product or service.   Also, another type of data input is the use of bar code scanners, which offer the most accurate way to collect and store data from retail tags because it reduces human errors, helps determine what the customers like and do not like. These devices can read the retail tags and send the data directly to a storage device such as RFID tagging provides the ability to...

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