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Btec Essay

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Since leaving school you have secured a job at a medium sized Mobile Phone producer Cell-COM. The company produces a range of handsets, which are used by all major UK Mobile Networks for ‘Pay as You Go’ phone services.

As a new member of their Sales team you will be trained on how to sell the mobile phone both over the phone and also in the shop.

Businesses have always relied on people to personally sell goods and services. Personal selling is the process that engages businesses directly with their existing and potential customers. The personal selling process is becoming increasingly important with the rise in customer demand and expectations in our modern society.

This unit develops your understanding of the role and importance of personal selling activities for customers, employees and businesses. You will develop your knowledge and understanding of sales staff and how they go about the business of personal selling. You will learn how to prepare for selling and develop your personal selling skills. You will also learn about the legislation that affects personal selling.

Closing sales is a skill often overlooked. You will develop your understanding of the techniques and processes involved, including ways of responding to objections. Finally, you will learn how to follow up sales and record valuable information about your customers.

Task 1: Purpose of sales personnel

Active selling is not a priority in many cases but still this happens. The small business owner with a single retail outlet is unlikely to miss the opportunity of telling his or her customers about a new product that is available or a service that can now be provided. With a little effort, this can be turned into a sale. For larger organisations, the picture is different. Active selling can be much more critical and therefore demands greater attention. Whichever the case, personal selling is the process that engages businesses directly with their existing...

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