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Bureaucracy Essay

  • Submitted by: leazarguerrero
  • on November 24, 2012
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In this summery I will be summarizing chapter 12 on the nature of bureaucracy, the size of the bureaucracy, the organization of the federal bureaucracy, staffing the bureaucracy, modern attempts at bureaucratic reform, bureaucrats as politicians and policymakers, and congressional control of the bureaucracy.  This will give you a better understanding and general idea of each term.
            A bureaucracy is a name given to organization of non-elected officials of a government or organizations who implement the rules, laws, and functions of their institution.  Most bureaucracies are characterized by an organization chart.  The units of organization are divided according to the specialization and expertise of the employees.  Any large corporation or university can be considered a bureaucratic organization.  Public or federal government bureaucracies differ from private organization in some important ways.  A private corporation has a single set of leaders but public bureaucracies do not have a single set of leaders.  The president of the United States is the chief administrator of the federal system.  As public bureaucracies supposedly serve all citizens, while private ones serve private interests.  Also another important difference between private corporation and government bureaucracies is that government bureaucracies are not organized to make profit, but to perform their functions as efficiently as possible to conserve the taxpayer’s dollars.
            When it comes to staffing the bureaucracy, there are two categories of bureaucrats’ political appointees and civil servants.  The president can appoint ambassador for foreign post, all of the jobs that are consider political plums are usually go to the politically well connected are listed in policy supporting positions.  For the rest of the national governments employees belong to the civil service and obtain their jobs through a much more formal process.   The president has the power to appoint a...

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