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Business Analysis

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Business Analysis Part III

Executive Summary
The last part of the business analysis of Wal-Mart provided a breakdown of the organization’s design and structure.   Wal-Mart is a traditional design with a market structure and satisfies as many types of customers by offering a variety of services.   The operational side of Wal-Mart consists of the production and process that meets the needs of customers and strategy.   This is accomplished through their “Everyday Low Prices”.   The economic trends were also viewed and evaluated with Wal-Mart’s success as the business continued at number 1 in the Fortune 500.   Even through the recession stage, Wal-Mart remained on top and was not affected by this period.   Their strategies for staying so successful with the changing markets are their low prices as this becomes their solution during severe economic times.   The next part included Wal-Mart’s strategic goals and the three initiatives management identified in 2009: Save Money, Live Better; Win-Play-Show; and Fast, Friendly, Clean.   Following the strategic goals were the business goals including increasing their employees over the holidays.   These hires would play a role with the human resource management department to ensure the right person was selected for the right job.   Each of these areas is important to a mutual fund manager when deciding on whether or not to invest in the company.   After reviewing all three parts of the business analysis on Wal-Mart, the recommendation would be to invest in this company.

Business Analysis Part III
The last part of the business analysis on Wal-Mart Corporation will focus on the company’s strategic initiatives taken by the company within the organization design and structure and operational configuration to the changing markets.   This will include looking at Wal-Mart’s organizational structure and operational configuration.   Within any business operation there are economic concerns which affect the operation of a company.   This...

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