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Business Btec Level 3 Unit 1 P2 Essay

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In this task I am going to be explaining the features of stakeholders within Tesco and the Walton Centre.

A stakeholder is anyone who is affected by a company for example the employees, trade unions, the owners, the customers, neighbours etc. Stakeholders are identified in order to develop businesses sufficiently because they are the most important people within a business.

Tesco’s aims and objectives:

To be the most highly valued business by the customers they serve, the communities in which they operate, their loyal and committed colleagues and the shareholders.

To be an outstanding retailer in stores and online.

To be the creator of highly valued brands.

To maximise sales.

Outshine competitors and remain the market leader.

Tesco’s stakeholders include customers, neighbours, trade unions, employees, shareholders and suppliers.

The customers at Tesco are typically families, old people, students, teenagers and adults. However Tesco is global therefore there are many types of customers who all share the same needs of essential daily food products, technology, clothing, insurances etc all at a reasonable price. They also want tesco to offer a good service in which Tesco meets the needs of customers by ensuring they are the most highly valued business by these customers offering highest quality products, insurances, phone networks and petrol stations. They also conduct comparable checks with other main supermarkets to make sure they have the lowest prices for the highest quality.Tesco also offer customer question time in which customers can express their views in order for Tesco to then act upon certain concerns and suggestions.

The neighbours on the other hand are initially the buildings and people around the area where the Tesco store is situated. So Tesco’s neighbours can be anything from a community of houses to a range of restaurants, clothing shops and offices. The neighbours want...

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