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Business Communication Trend Essay

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Business Communication Trends Paper

November 30, 2009

In today’s business world there are many factors that influence the way that people communicate with each other.   We are going to discuss in this paper how the daily work environment is affected.  
Communicating to one another is very vital and there are different ways that this can be accomplished, Listening, Speaking, Writing documents, and Interpersonal Communication.   There are many reasons people need to communicate between each other.   A few reasons are hiring, training, motivating workers, when a delivery needs to be coordinated, or even when an account representative is trying to collect monies that is owed to a business.   These can be accomplished over the phone, face-to-face, memos, company web sites or even by e-mail.   Communication is very important between         co-workers if there are any questions regarding the specific job duties, disciplinary actions, reading instructions, during orientation, and in general during every aspect of the job.   If your employees have poor communication skills this can end up costing the company money in the long run.   A few examples of this are employees’ time, writing   e-mails take time, document cycling which is all external documents needing approval before they go out, longer documents sometimes involves more than one employee to write, also email storage can cost a company a significant amount.   Having poor communication skills may be hard for someone else to understand what has been written, your writing may also have to be re-written by someone else and also the topic may have to be unnecessarily drawn out to even get to the point and lastly if a message is unclear then further work may have to cause the receiver to gather additional information and this could...

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