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Business Essay

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Oversea positing can be very challenging, but can also bring good opportunities for employers and employees. Some of the major challenges oversea positing includes cultural and language differences, relocation problems, family stress, hectic hours, and higher expenses for the company. Oversea postings can also bring many good opportunities such as learning new languages, gaining global experience, better pay incentives, advancement opportunities, and allow companies to work internationally. Overall, I think oversea postings can be beneficial for employees and employers as long as they adapt to the new environment and acknowledge the differences.  
The biggest challenge for oversea postings is cultural difference and language barriers. This can cause major problems in communication, job performance and satisfaction, and affect company’s overall goals. According to Yoo et al (2006), cultural norms and beliefs are powerful forces to shape people’s perceptions, deposition, and behaviors, it can be argued that national cultural will influence employee behaviors and business practice either directly and indirectly, the failure to take cultural difference between countries into account has been the cause of performance losses. (p.18) By having a better understanding of culture and language will reduce cost, understand safety and operational   rules, improve employees ability to recruit, hire and train, and increase workers’ productivity. These workers often get frustrated trying to communicate with customers and coworkers, and coping behavioral problems. All other challenges eventually vanish as workers adapt to the new environment and communicate comfortably.
Oversea posting is a great way to boost individual’s resume and increase their career advancement opportunities. Most companies seek employees with such experiences and qualifications. As employees it will allow them to travel abroad and learn new languages. This will help them broaden their skills and...

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