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Business Ethics Essay

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Case Studies of Enron and Tyco     1

RUNNING HEAD: Case Studies of Enron and Tyco

Case Studies of Enron and Tyco
MGT625 Leadership Styles & Development (OL202)

June 28, 2009
Case Studies of Enron and Tyco     2
Case Studies of Enron and Tyco
    The corporate culture of Enron contributed to its bankruptcy was by not upholding an ethical culture to maximize and guide the organization’s rules and principles. The goal of the ethical culture in which Enron failed to capture was because of the lack of ethical reasoning and did not have proper management which supports, shares and values cultural initiatives which develops organizational ethical values. Enron slowly turned its back toward asking questions and acknowledging of what the discrepancies were in the net income and cash flow areas of the company. The corporate cultural of Enron was believed to be arrogant because of the amount of wealth the company has acquired. Secondly, Enron had an environment which made employees fearful of delivering negative messages about the company. Thirdly, there was a lack of meaning and purpose which formed a culture of greed, corruption and deception which transformed into deficiency in the social-spiritual capitol (ethics). The culture of Enron believed that capital growth is more important than human growth. The compliancy among workers ignored or saw wrongdoing were hesitated to act due to the grim employee rating scheme every six months.
    Yes, the contribution of the bankers, auditors, and attorneys of Enron lead to irregular and dubious accounting methods which seesawed on fraud methods that would lead to questionable checks and balances throughout its corporate world. The inside of the corporation was lacking financial control and decision-making structure which made the corporate financial statements questionable.
    The CFO played an important role in over inflating the price of energy (natural gas, electricity and etc.) and than inflated their profits...

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