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Business in Latin America Essay

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Business in Latin America

Business in Latin America
1. Imports substitution general model for development. ISI, how it works. How industrial countries used ISI to become profitable? What killed ISI in Latin America?
ISI refers an economic and trade policy that advocates for a situation where foreign imports are replaced with domestic production. It is based on the principle that every economy should always aim at reducing its foreign dependency through local production of different products.
Industrial economies have used ISI to become profitable through the enactment of the ISI policies. This has been made possible through the creation of internal markets that ensure local production and thus, self-sufficiency. The working of ISI was enabled through state-led developments through aspects such as subsidization most of the vital industries, development of more effective tax systems, protectionism policies, and nationalization.
ISI in Latin America was mainly killed by the move by the economy to enable heavy local industrialization. This resulted in heightened dependency on heavily industrialized economies thus demonstrating the failure of the state in intervening to the welfare of its local economy.
2. What were the main criticisms of import substitution (ISI), as practiced in Latin America?
ISI largely contributed to the rise of major Latin American economies. However, it had different criticisms. A major criticism included that the industries that result from ISI policies are inefficient and obsolete since they are local-based and may not be exposed to international competition. ISI’s focus on industrial development may impoverish the local producers, who are usually small-scale producers.
3. Where did Neo-populus leaders come from?
Populism rose in the 1980s due to the popularity of populist parties and movements. Neo-populus leaders rose from the increased popularity of politics of siding with the...

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