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Business M1 Essay

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Analysing Legal, Ethical and Operational Issues in
Relation to Business Information at Apple Inc.

It is important for businesses to follow guidelines and legislations when it comes to handling business information. Legal and ethical issues can arise if information on customers is mishandled in any way by a business. I will be looking at Apple and analysing how they deal with some ethical and operational issues by following guidelines and legislation which are in place to protect the personal details of customers.

Type of Information | Analysing Legal, Ethical and Operational issues |
Customer Details e.g. bank, contact, address, etc. | The Data Protection Act 1998 ensures all organisations protect people's fundamental rights and freedoms and in particular their right to privacy with respect to the processing of personal data. Ethically, Apple will ensure they carefully handle customer’s personal details. Apple will not take any sort of advantage of customers contact details by mishandling it or using it in any way without the customers consent. This gives consumer’s confidence when handing over personal details. The operational issues involved in keeping data safe and secure will require Apple to have adequate security system in place and staff who are trained and capable of defending Apples online system against hackers. The main disadvantage to Apple for having such system and staff in place could be the cost. It will cost Apple tens of thousands of pounds to have the best and latest systems and anti-viruses in place for protection against hackers. It will also cost them to train and employ staff capable of handling the sophisticated software. The advantages for Apple will be the enhancing of its reputation amongst consumers as a safe and trustworthy organisation which they can be confident of when handing over personal information. |
Apple Internal Business Information | The Computer Misuse Act 1990 was put in place to...

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