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Business Plan Example

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Situational Analysis

Business Name
Aozora – means blue sky in Japanese
Prime Function
The prime function of Aozora is to make achieve maximum profit while also providing all consumers with healthy food and give them a satisfying cultural experience.
Vision Statement
Aozora aim to turn simple ingredients and the freshest seafood into gourmet, nutritional Japanese food, that people of all ages and cultures can enjoy. Our number one goal is the maximum satisfaction of all customers.
Mission Statement
The mission of is Aozora to provide high quality, healthy Japanese cuisine to people of all ages, cultures and races.
  * Profit maximisation; stay within black for first year
  * Maintain an adequate income while taking minimally from the business’s funds
  * Provision of employment
  * Maintain an ethical style of conduct
  * Maintain a high standard of product
  * Maximum customer satisfaction
The objectives for Aozora can be split into three different categories: financial, social and personal. Financially, they would like achieve profit maximisation, that is, they would like to operate at the most efficient that they possibly can while also providing our customers with the high quality products. At the very least, they would like to stay within the positive zone for the first year to ensure the survival of the business.
On a social level, they would like to give opportunities for skilled chefs to work at our restaurant. They also expect a high and ethical standard of operating. This is to ensure that all customers can leave with maximum satisfaction as well as a full stomach.
Legal Structure
The legal structure of Aozora is a partnership.
Industry Category
The industry category that Aozora is in is the quinary market.
Target Market
Aozora targets people of all ages, genders, any level of income and any culture or background.
However, the main target market is:
18-100, both genders,...

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