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Campaign Questions Essay

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  • on November 18, 2013
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Debate Questions
  1. Is technology these days affecting our future decedents?

  2. Since the government shut down, how has it affected the world today?

  3. How does school bullying effect high school students?

  4. How does social networking have an effect on the society today?

  5. Should American’s be stripped of their second Amendment because of all of the school shootings?

  6. Is teen curfew a reasonable solution for teen safety?

  7. Do school uniforms have a positive of negative effect on students being focused compared to street clothes?

  8. Should the house legalize polygamy?

  9. Should junk food be banned from all schools?

  10. Should Washington’s football team be renamed?

Presidential Skit
Kayla (Reporter): Hello I’m Kayla and today I am honored to have the Governor of Mississippi, Hayley Robbins. So Hayley how is your campaigning going so far?

Hayley (Governor): The campaign is going great thanks for asking. I am going up against some strong candidates too so this should be a great race.

Reporter: Well that is great to hear. So Hayley let’s get into the good stuff. Do you have any promises you are going to make to the world? Or at least in Mrs. Strickland’s class…

Governor: Well…. I’m not going to make any big promises but I’m going to try to persuade the wonderful, fantastic, and awe inspiring Mrs. Strickland to give out more homework passes you know…. (Look at Mrs. Strickland and smile big)

Reporter: Well that’s great. So what about the other candidates who are running…what do you have to say about that?

Governor: Well like I said they are all really good people to go up against but some of the candidates are you know quote on quote not ready to lead yet.

Reporter: Hmmm interesting Governor. So tell me more about the type of campaign you’re running.

Governor: Well Kayla, I’m trying to stick to an all factual campaign where I can convince the voters to think who they would want for...

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