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Cardiovascular Disease Essay

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Cardiovascular Disease
July 5,2013
HCA 240
Joanna Puia

      Congestive Heart Failure, which is also referred to ad CHF, is one of the most common cardiac conditions amongst people. This condition affects more then 5 million people worldwide. There is can be up to a half million new cases that are diagnosed each year. Congestive heart failure is the cause of many other problems such as heart attacks, strokes, and Intermitted claudication. The risk factors that an individual had is based off of age, family history and being of the male gender. Congestive heart failure is caused when the heart muscle is enlarged, causing the heart to have low pumping efficiency. As the pumping of the heart starts to slow down the heart begins to dilate which causes the heart to enlarge. Some of the symptoms for congestive heart failure may include shortness of breath, swelling of the abdomen and ankles, pain in the abdomen, and fatigue. As this condition continues to progress it causes an individual to not be able to lie flat. These individuals are uncomfortable and have to sleep sitting up or with multiple pillows underneath them and cannot perform normal exercise due to the shortness of breath.   To be able to manage this disease an individual is put on medication to help control some of the problems that lead up to congestive heart failure. Some of these medications include the regular over the counter Aspirin, statins that helps lower cholesterol, and beta-blockers, which are given to those individual whom had a heart attack. The prevention plan for those whom have congestive heart failure must make sure to have a low cholesterol (LDC), stop smoking if the person is a smoker, control your blood pressure (BP), do physical activity regularly, and control your weight. These are all the things that can lead to this chronic illness that is most common amongst our society.


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