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Case Study

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Movie Shop Case Study
~ Management Information Systems~

                                Stoean Elena-Nicoleta

                                  Faculty:   FABIZ, English
                              2nd year, Seria B, Group 126


  1. Domain description.

The movie shop is considered the universe of fun for people, a best friend who can always occupy free time.
Our movie shop is working with famous production houses like 25Century, Film Factor, Zebra film and many others.

The price for renting a movie is standard, only those who posses a member card have discounts of 10% up to 20%.

As all other movie shops, in our movie shop’s system there are also some restrictions imposed about the number of movies a viewer can rent, the period of time that the viewer can keep the movie, and also the penalties for not respecting returning deadlines.

In what concerns the number of movies a viewer can rent: there is a maximum number of 2 movies for underage viewers over 14 years old, 4 movies for viewers with age of 18-23 years and 6 movies for viewers with age over 23 years. Viewers who do not posses an identity card cannot rent movies.

About the period of time a viewer can keep the movie the following periods must be respected: up to 7 days for underage viewers of 14 years, up to 10 days for viewers with age of 18-23 and for viewers over 23 years up to 14 days.

If the movies are not returned in time the following penalty might apply:
For underage viewers of 14 years if the delay is up to 14 days the viewer will not have the right to rent a movie in 20 days starting with the returning day, if the delay is up to 30 days the viewer will be forbidden to rent a movie within 60 to 90 days starting to the returning date.
For viewers with age of 18-23 years if the delay time will be up to 10 days the reader will be forbidden to borrow a book for 20 days starting...

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