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Case Study Analysis

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  • on November 13, 2010
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Case Study Analysis Chapter 1
  1.) It obviously seems to me that this task force needs some serious guidance as they are all over the place with solutions. However, on a scale from 1 to 10 where 10 would mean they were a team and 1 would mean they were a small group, I would have to say that this task force is a 5, which would mean it is definitely just somewhere in the middle.   I wouldn’t consider this task force a small group as it has seven members, but I wouldn’t consider it a large group either because 7 isn’t a large number of people either.   On page 5 the definition of a small group is a group that has at least 3 members and not more than 12 (13 or 20 in some cases) people so that there is more emphasis put on each individual of the group and the less likely it is to have a bunch of subgroups develop. Furthermore, a team (page 6) is a coordinated group of individuals organized to work together for a common purpose or goal. I don’t think that is what this task group is at all as they each have different ideas on how to accomplish their goals. So with that said, I hope it makes sense why I would say that this task force sounds more like something in the middle of   those two options.

  2.) The task force leader needs to do these things to further enhance team work among group members: clarify group expectations and set team ground rules; learn the strengths of each team member; identify barriers that may keep the team from achieving its goal; develop a plan and put it in action. I think if he did these things he would have a much different task force than the one he has now.

  3.) Based on the description of different types of groups on pgs. 18-20, I would have to say that the type of group this task force is a decision making group. The reason being is because I think that this group was initially formed to identify strategies that would again make Walnut Springs a thriving tourist destination. The task of this kind of group is to make a choice...

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