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Catalysts Essay

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Enzymatic Catalysis

Functionality of enzymes in the human body

Enzymes are proteins and they permit certain chemical reactions to occur much quicker than they would on their own because they lower the activation energy. Enzymes work as catalysts, they speed up the rate at which metabolic processes and reactions occur in living organisms.   The processes or reactions that occur are part of a cycle with separate reactions at each phase.   A specific enzyme is required for each step of the cycle.   The cycle cannot be completed without a specific enzyme ready to catalyze a reaction.   The result of this uncompleted cycle is the lack of a product of that cycle. Without a necessary product, a function cannot be performed, which harmfully affects the organism.   Each cell contains several hundred enzymes, which catalyze a large number of chemical reactions. Enzymes are acknowledged as Biological Catalysts, as they drastically increase the rate at which reactions occur in organisms, without being used up or affecting the reaction in any other way.   There are multiple factors that affect the rate of enzymatic catalysis. Enzyme catalysis spares the necessity for an increase in temperature and to speed up reactions within living organisms. Such an increase in temperature would be disastrous to the organism. (Dummies.com)

This is a picture illustrating how an enzyme and substrate interact to release the products.

Enzymes and its usage as a financial derivative

Numerous people in the bio-refining industry publicize the advantages of enzymatic catalysis. The use of enzymes to stimulate catalytic reactions has several cost advantages to biofuel producers. Firstly, enzymatic catalysis can result in higher yield rates. Due to that, more fuel is ultimately produced from the biomaterial basis.   A producer using enzymatic catalysis in the bio-refining process will return more saleable biofuel.   This is of high quality and will eventually lead to proficiencies of scale...

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