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Catcher in the Rye: Holden in the Museum Essay

  • Submitted by: DanaSaba
  • on November 23, 2012
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Dana Saba, 10 G
Holden in the museum
In Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye, there is an episode where Holden visits a museum while reminiscing about his past and forming a connection to it with aspects in the museum. Although change is inevitable in Holden’s world, he longs for a Peter pan existence where nothing changes. This dilemma leaves him emotionally numb. Within the episode, it is exposed that Holden craves stability and foundation. His love for premanacance is constantly threatened by an ever-changing world. Changes lead Holden to be spiritually dead. Holden’s insecurity is subconsciously revealed and foreshadows why he feels indifferent.
A structured setting is comforting to Holden and forms security for him. A never changing scene is displayed when Holden describes an advantage of the atmosphere in the museum “Nobody’d move”; the strategic word combination creates a still picture that warms Holden to the scene. The characteristics of the museum seem to be never changing according to Holden “Nobody’d be different”; the word choice aswell as the repeated sentence technique demonstrates the inexistent change in the episode that relieves Holden from the aspect that he fears. In specific detail Holden connects the main concept of stability with ornaments and displays in the museum, he mentions the Eskimo “would still be” finished catching those two fish; the image paints a still picture that is contributed to Holden satisfying feeling of security in stillness. He continues to capture the freezed setting when he says the deers “would still be” drinking out of that water hole; the emphasis of repitition magnifies the complete picture of stability that contents Holden and connects him to the scene. Holden doesn’t subconsciously hint you of the purpose to his comfort with the atmosphere, he directly states that everything “always stayed” right where it was; ultimately the image sets a straight forward desire that is addressed through Holden’s attachment to the...

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