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Categories Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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Assault is the unlawful use of force against another. It can be divided into two types
  * Aggravated assault is behaviorally the same as homicide, but the victim survives and often involves a deadly weapon. It is a felony carrying a severe sentence
  * Simple. Misdemeanors

There are two ways in which murderers and assaulters are different
  * Assaulters are less likely than murderers to use firearms in their attacks
  * In the summer assault rises past the homicide rate, due to the heat, and people getting out more, interacting, especially the poor with no AC, also more alcohol intake

Who is More Likely To Kill?
  * Homicides are concentrated heavily in the lower class; over 90% of murderers in the US are semiskilled workers, unskilled laborers, and welfare recipients. Poverty is a factor. They are more likely to have marital, financial and other stressful problems, which lead to interpersonal conflict. Violence is a mechanism for gaining respect
  * Blacks have a much higher rate of homicide than whites. It really has nothing to do with race, it is more of a result of the fact that blacks have an in increased poverty rate than whites, and this mixed with greater alienation and frustration leads to it. Most killings are intraracial Interracial murders are rare because racial discrimination often prevents interaction between the two races.
  * Southern region has a higher murder rate. There is a higher culture of violence there, such as gun ownership, execution of murderers, etc. Also there is greater presence of rurality in the south (dispersion of people reduces community integration)
  * Men are more likely than women to kill, as men are far more likely to defend their manhood – most men do away with other men. Most men who kill their wives or girlfriends do so to keep them in an abusive relationship. Men tend to kill in response to their wives’ infidelity
      * When women kill, they are more...

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