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Cauliflower Essay

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Intro to Agricultural Business:

California leads the nation in the production of 77 different agricultural commodities, cauliflower being one of them.   According to Fresh Food Central, cauliflower is in the Brassica oleracea Botrytis group along with broccoli, kale, cabbage and collards. It has a compact head called a "curd", with an average size of six inches in diameter, composed of undeveloped flower buds, and attached to a central stalk. Cauliflower has several varieties including the Snow Crown, Ravella, Purple Cape, and Romanesco (Fresh Food Central). With such a big production of cauliflower in California, the marketing channel plays a vital role in getting the product to consumers. Prices of this commodity will vary based on supply, demand, transportation costs and exports. Although California is the number one producer of cauliflower, the commodity does not have a marketing order, marketing commission, research and promotion program or marketing agreement. California has many marketing orders, but none being as comprehensive as the Buy California Marketing Agreement. Cauliflower is a year round crop that prefers temperate, moist climates and is mostly grown in the Salinas Valley.
California production of cauliflower can be traced all the way back to1920. Today, California harvests five times the amount of acres; sixty-two percent more yield per acre, and has increases in production and value since 1920 (United States Department of Agriculture). Table one below shows the trends of cauliflower production from the past ten years with 2010 preliminary data.

Table 1. Annual Harvested Acres and Total Value of Cauliflower (1999-2010)

Year | Acres | Dollar Value |
1999 | 41,000 | 173,725 |
2000 | 38,000 | 184,312 |
2001 | 36,500 | 158,545 |
2002 | 35,500 | 156,649 |
2003 | 34,000 | 192,210 |
2004 | 32,000 | 166,009 |
2005 | 36,300 | 178,804 |
2006 | 34,500 | 177,992 |
2007 | 33,500 | 200,045 |
2008 | 32,300 | 231,789...

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