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Causes Of Prejudice Essay

  • Submitted by: jianggei1
  • on October 25, 2010
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Below is an essay on "Causes Of Prejudice" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Word Group 1 Quiz
Word Roots
Circle, underline, or highlight the word root in the word in column one.   Write the meaning of the word root in column two and write your own example word in column three..
Circle the word root Meaning of the word part Your Example Word
  1. amphibious _____________________ _____________________
  1. absent _____________________ _____________________
  1. advance _____________________ _____________________
  1. ambitious _____________________ _____________________
  1. -------------------------------------------------
animated _____________________ _____________________

                                      * True or False
  * Based on the way the vocabulary word is used, identify the following sentences as True or False.
  1. _____ A snowstorm in July is an aberration.
  1. _____ Acculturation into the college community is different in many ways than acculturation into the high school community.
  2. _____ Bianca found it disconcerting to discover her husband, Mick, in bed with David.
  3. _____   In order to more thoroughly probe the author’s main points, Bill decided to close the book and have a beer.
  1. -------------------------------------------------
_____ Sonia’s thorough knowledge of geography, as well as her thoughtful, reflective comments about world issues, made her seem extremely superficial.
Use our ten vocabulary words to correctly complete the following sentences.   Write the vocabulary word in the blank that correctly completes the sentence.   The words in parenthesis are hints to help you chose the correct word.
  1. This book is a classic example of the science fiction _____________ . (type)
  2. For Sean, such a low grade on a math exam was an ___________________. (deviation)
  3. The king mistakenly believed that he could...

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