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Cave Story Essay

  • Submitted by: Arecus
  • on October 25, 2010
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Tom Dumouchel
Philosophy Block 2

My Cave Story
Being told that my father was dead seemed impossible, I didn't believe it, even when I was looking down upon him in his grave. I did not know what death was. The term live and let live was all I understood. Looking back I only saw what I wanted and hoped for, and that was him still being alive in my life and not buried 6 feet under. I lived in denial for a couple of weeks and just accepted it in a way but not entirely. He was still alive in many ways in my mind and I just left it as that.
How this relates to the library card and Wendy’s story is the basics of it, the principles of the whole truth. With the library card story it got really scary for Richard. He had to hide all his books and act normal the way all African Americans at that time, (who were not able to read or to have a good education) did. He had to act dumb but inside he had all new ideas and knowledge,   that sadly he couldn't really share with any one because not a lot of people were trustworthy. With the Wendy story she never knew her father her whole life and then one random day she’s working at her job and hears her father’s name in someone else’s discussion. She then checks it out only to find out her biologic father is lying on his death bed. She ran out the hospital room that he was in because she was afraid of the truth. She didn’t want to hear the truth just like Richard in his story.
These two stories I can relate to. They wanted to avoid the truth as I did. I couldn't really tell anybody because I was so young and I didn't really want to engage in that topic. One reason was that I couldn't trust a lot of people. When talking about this subject I was scared someone would judge me. Because of this I never learned the basic idea of death and life. Over time, I started to really think about it and one day I built up the courage to talk about it with my mom. She then told me that my father might be gone but he’s still alive in...

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