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Ccot Essay

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  • on November 17, 2013
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Empire Comparative Essay
There were major differences and similarities in the rise of the classical age empires of Rome and Han China. The similarities of their rises were they expanded by conquering other land, had revolutionary accomplishments in technology, which would help trade, transportation, and help supply water. Although they had many similarities they did differ in their rules/regulations.
One of the similarities in the rise of Rome and Han China were the expansion by conquering. Rome and the Han dynasty had such a large empire, because of it conquering its neighboring civilizations. The first emperors in Rome and Han China came to power by military strength, both empires were in a time when people were fighting for power and the victorious went into power. Brute military strength and strategic moves is what helped the empires conquer so much. There were northern nomadic groups that were conquered that helped both the empires expand. The Han at first had paid them off, but later conquered them. The Romans took over many parts of the Mediterranean World, such as Carthage, which was a very wealthy city. They used the resources they got from that land and used it for their people.   The empires growing and conquering would need to have a way to communicate to places and better ways to get things done, which led to the advancement of technology.
Another similarity in the rise of Rome and Han China were they had revolutionary accomplishments in technology, which would help trade, building, and help supply water. The Romans and Hans had major accomplishments such as the building of better roads. Better roads helped trade, military, and spread of ideas. It helped these things which are essential to the rise of an empire, trade helps by bringing new things to an empire such as the trade with the Han China by the Silk Road, and roads created a way for the military to get to places easier. The water systems in both the empires also were major accomplishments....

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