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Cd Tech Essay

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Brian Rhodes
CD Technology
The compact disc was invented by James Russell in 1965.   He was given many patents for various uses of the compact disc.   But, it wasn’t until 1982 that technology developed enough to use the disc.   Philips began mass producing the CD; which was used for media storage, pictures, etc. for computers.
In the 1990s the CD evolved even more into a form of storage device.   The CD-R was introduced, & became the standard for exchanging & archiving of computer data, or music. This became really popular as the need to store more, & more, data became necessary.   Another version which is being replaced by digital downloads, is CD-Audio.   This type of technology phased out the vinyl albums.   CD-Audio is able to play longer, & have more songs on it than vinyl.   The favorite aspect of CD-Audio are the bonus tracks that could not be added to vinyl.   Which enticed consumers to go out & buy the CD.
The CD influence, & caused the decline, of other technologies.   The VHS, audio tape industry took a major decline through the 90s, & throughout the 2000s.   With the introduction of movies on CDs, VHS sales fell immediately.   CD movies made it easier to go to a certain scene, zoom in/out of a scene, & bonus material about the movie.   The same thing happened with the audio tape.   CDs made it easier to go to a certain song, played the music better, & were more durable.   This caused the automobile industry to look at the changes in society.   By 2010, auto manufactures stopped making cars with tape decks in them.  
Finally, the CD brought about the continual change in storage, & audio technology.   Digital audio formats, such as MP3 or iTunes, caused a drop in sales.   These formats made it possible to download certain songs, or whole records, to a portable format that can be carried anywhere.   Flash drives, & online sites that store data, are replacing CDs.   The flash drive is more compact, &...

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