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Census Paper

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Start with a brief history and background of the census...No taxation without representation...when it was started, etc...what article of the constitution it is, blah blah blah...
Then indicate that you believe in ....
Changing the frequency of the census to occur more often

Reasons supporting having the census more often include:
More accurate picture of population
More accurate representation of the population in Congress and electoral congress and distribution of districts
Better distribution of taxes to fund schools, roads, etc
Re-identification to eliminate false or anonymous identities
To eliminate or reduce business influences over the census (consumer marketing)
Improve data quality

Suggestions to improve and support more frequent census
Use of technology (Iphones, cell phones, computers, etc)
Submit with Taxes
Submit with voting

Undercounting of minorities
Racial categorizing
Non response bias (homeless, people who don't speak english, people who don't vote)
Problems with confidentiality and privacy/security social security numbers (this potential grows as the technology grows)
If submit with taxes, low income who don't have to file and homeless will not be counted
Illegal immigrants

Could help create jobs for Americans and improve economy (need people to form, conduct, and compile census)
Could increase funding to necessary projects more quickly
Could result in more adequate representation in Congress
Better more accurate distribution of the electoral college

If we hold the census every 4 years in the prior to the presidential election, then the distribution of the electoral college could be calculated and would have the most accurate representation, which is what democracy is based on.

The U.S. Constitution requires only that the decennial census be a population count. Since the first census in 1790, however, the need for useful information about the United States' population and...

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