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Ch. 3 Outline For Arch 31

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Roman Prehistory: The Etruscans
  The Etruscans established an important precedent for the later Romans.
  Etruscan architecture was destroyed by early romans, but the only that remain are the ones that were hidden like tombs.
  Etruscan houses
      Built out of mud walls or wood.
        Eventually they disappeared.
      Etruscan temples were built the same way, and they eventually disappeared.
      The walls of the Etruscan cities had archways.
        These gateways reveal two importances
            Knowledge of the arch and vault.
      The Etruscan temples
        Its only visually intricate aspect was luxurious decoration.
        Its scheme was not modeled on the Greek peripteral form, but on the simpler prostyle arrangement.
        They invented their own order called the Etruscan or Tuscan Order.
            It was a blend of Doric and other greek orders.
      The roofs were not quite different from the Greeks.
      The columns were connected by wooden architraves.
      The overhangs were to protect the temples from rain because of the fragile mud-brick.
      From earlier times the Etruscans placed the prescient entrance directly opposite the temple facade, on axis.
      There was one set of stairs that was the pathway into the temple.
        The more closer a person gets to the temple the more magnificence it looks.
        As one would get closer the overhang had shade for them.
      The columns were connected by wooden architraves.
      Temple were treated like god, there was only one access by a central flight of stairs.
  There were many remains of the Etruscans are the tombs.
      Like the egyptians
      They had banquets for the dead and the walls were filled with paintings. Drinking, love-making, music, sporting events and hunting were also in the banquet.
      Divided into two categories.
        Rock cut.
Roman Civilization
  The day Rome was founded: April 21, 753...

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