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Changes Along the Silk Road Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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Throughout the period 200BCE – 1450CE, the changes that took place along the silk road, such as increasing demand for silk over time, the diffusion of Religion, and the altering of political boundaries, greatly impact the India, Europe, and Southeast Asia; however, there were significant continuities such as the desire for the types of goods over time and the benefits people received from the roads.
Silk was the most famous export on the Silk Road. Although it is the namesake of this trade route, the demand for this product began in a minute manor. Over time, the demand for silk from Europeans became rampant. China exported silk to Europe, which viewed it as a most luxurious item. Silk gave the Chinese masses amount of money and business from Europe. China’s economy ended up greatly benefiting from silk trade. This change most likely occurred because; over time the desire for silk in Europe grew at a rapid rate.
Diffusion of religion took place throughout the Silk Road. Islam and Buddhism spread during the life of the Silk Road through the routes. This diffusion most likely occurred because merchants traveling along Eurasia practiced their belief wherever they went.
Due to the Silk Road, political boundaries of some placed changed. Once the Mongols took over, they changed many of the political boundaries. With the Mongol’s high value for trade, it was only fitting to rule lands included in Silk Road trade. They overtook places like parts of China, India, Europe, and the Middle East. By the highest point of their rule, and the Silk Road, The Mongol Empire controlled the largest land empire to date. Over time, the Mongols most likely conquered the better part of the land around the Silk Road because they valued trade.
Although the demand for silk initially changed, the trade of other goods did not change throughout this time period. The Chinese exported goods like turtle shells, incense, ceramic, ginger, bronze weapons, jade and fur. These products most...

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