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Changes to Hamlet Essay

  • Submitted by: andyreyez
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: English
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1. One of the changes that Zeffinelli makes to the play in accordance to the movie was the absence of Young Fortinbras, This is takes away that event in the book. It was something that was expected if someone has read the book before watching the movie. But, with Young Fortinbras gone, it created more attention to Hamlet and his plot. Another change was fight seen by Ophelia’s grave. Instead of fighting inside of this grave as in the book , they merely have a small   scuffle outside of it in the movie. This takes away that gritty feeling in the book. I expected more of a huge brawl but instead received small pushes in the movie. It takes away violence. Lastly, in the final fight scene, the change made was that Hamlet was being funny and acting abruptly and goofy. This adds the sense of his better swordsmanship during the movie. It also provides some comic relief before things get serious near the end of the play.

  2. The actors and actresses did an exceptional job playing the roles of the characters of Hamlet. I never imagined Mel Gibson to play such a crazy character as Hamlet. As well, I did not even expect an accent from him. Ophelia’s character was more than what I expected. The actress Helen Bonham Carter plays the role with such finesse. It was frightening and yet exciting to see her play a crazy role during Ophelia’s craziness. All of the other actors and actresses played the other roles as I have imagined when I have read the book.

  3. The mood that is created during the setting, lighting and camera angles were somewhat mischievous. It had this gloomy and cloudy feeling. It had that sense of foreshadowing that something bad was about to happen. The clouds, for example, were, most of the time, gray with very little light. It didn’t give that happy joyful feeling, but one with sadness and seriousness. The camera angles heightened this mood. It emphasized facial expression in which made the audience feel what the characters were feeling.

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