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Chapter 9 Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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9. How did the merchant class in northern Italy influence the Renaissance? Bankers like the Medici and other businessmen such as the fine wool merchants of Florence provided the money to support artists . Without wealthy patrons paying the artisans, the Renaissance would not have been so spectacular in terms of painting, sculpture, architecture
10. In what ways did literature and the arts change during the Renaissance? It was heavily influenced by Greek art and literature. Also humanism wsa created.
11. What did northern European rulers do to encourage the spread of
Renaissance ideas? he invention of the printing press encouraged literacy and helped to spread new ideas.

12. How were the Christian humanists different from the humanists of
the Italian Renaissance? Christian Humanism was religious and Italian humanism was about human potential and achievement.
Luther Leads the Reformation Section 3 (pages 488–494)
13. On what three teachings did Martin Luther rest his Reformation
movement? people could win salvation only by faith in gods gift of forgiveness , all churches teachings should be clearly based on the words of the bible, all people with faith were equal
14. Why did the Holy Roman emperor go to war against Protestant
German princes? Simply cause they were protestant also the peasants went about the countryside raiding monastaries and the Holy Catholic Church wanted all of Europe to become Catholic once again.

15. Why did Henry VIII create his own church? He did not make his own religon; he broke from the church because the Pope would not grant him an annulment from his current marriage because his wife could not give him a son that would one day replace him as the king
The Reformation Continues Section 4 (pages 495–501)
16. ?In what ways was John Calvin’s church different from the
Lutheran Church
17. What was the goal of the Catholic Reformation?
18. What are three legacies of the Reformation?

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