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Chapter 9 Essay

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P.316 – 317 #1, 2
1) 1. In the questions associated with the Petrie’s Electronics case at the end of Chapter 7, you were asked to modify the E-R diagram given in PE Figure 7-1 to include any other entities and the attributes you identified from the Petrie’s case. Review your answers to these questions, and add any additional needed relations to the document in PE Figure 9-1.

After reviewing the given PE figure 7-1 and PE figure 9-1, if I have to modify the E-R diagram, I would probably add four more contribute to the diagram including customer, transaction, promotion, and coupon as a table in the diagram because it is important to make sure everything are in the table map so the company can understand what the system and analysis team done so far in detail and basic mapping. It can help your team have a better understanding of what the company’s system is based on, how it is operated, and how does each table connected to each other through different groups. Adding the additional needed relations to the document in PE figure 9-1 on the transaction, promotion and coupon tables gives more detail information on those three categories. It is also important to have every information in detail when comes to a system analysis.

2) Study your answer to Question 1. Verify that the relations you say represent the Petrie’s Electronics database are in third normal form. If they are, explain why. If they are not, change them so that they are.

The relations that represent Petrie’s electronics database are in third normal form, because it is more based on the customer transaction record information. It is mostly based on how to not customers escape from this amazing system, and which can keep customers coming back and back with the coupon and promotion analysis. The more promotion it has, the more people will get to know the company, and the more coupon the company gives to the royal customers, will always bring them back because people likes to save money. Additional,...

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