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Character Evaluation Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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Character Evaluation
Brooke Torres
July 9, 2011
Linda Grant

Character Evaluation
One of my favorite films has always been Selena. It is a movie based on the life of a Tejano music artist. Being in a close knit family, her band, Selena Y Los Dinos, consisted of her brother, sister, husband, and three other band members. Selena Y Los Dinos was managed by her father and later became a huge success. As her career was skyrocketing, she was murdered by one of her own employees. This was the tragic ending of, not only a great music performance, but also the life of a very talented and happy young woman.
Selena Quintanilla was an extremely outgoing person. This is displayed throughout the entire movie. She was a very happy child, and later grew up to be a very happy woman who appreciated everything and everyone around her. As an extravert, she was very confident in herself and extremely active. She was a very fashionable woman and took advantage of this by creating her own costumes. While she was at the peak of her career, she opened up a boutique in Corpus Christi, Texas that specialized in all her different clothing designs. Her dance moves were another outlet to her extraverted personality. She was very notorious for creating her own dance moves and routines.
Although Selena loved what she did, the conscientious part of her personality traits gave her the self-discipline to take it very seriously. She knew she was doing what she loved, however, she also knew that it was not an easy job. Performing required her to stay healthy in order to stay active on stage. She was driven by an incredible force which pushed her to achieve the goals she set forth.
Anyone who followed the story of Selena knows how open she was to different experiences. This is the main trait that is responsible for her success. She grew up in a home which spoke the only the English language. When her father introduced her to Spanish music, she had no idea what they were saying....

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