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Charles Taylor Views On Self Essay

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  • on October 31, 2010
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The Culmination: A Twist on Self

    In “Responsibility for Self,” Charles Taylor articulates an account of the self that is a

critical synthesis of Sartre, Frankfurt, and Heidegger views. Articulated below will be

Taylor’s account of the self and how it developed from the other philosophers’ views.

Taylor sees many virtues, as well as, problems contained within Sartre’s, Frankfurt’s, and

Heidegger’s account of self and agency.

    A natural place to begin is with Charles Taylor’s concept of “responsibility for self.”

For Taylor, responsibility for self consists in duty of radical re-evaluation of our deepest

held belief:

          This radical evaluation is a deep reflection, and a self-reflection in

          a special sense: it is a reflection about the self, its most fundamental

          issues, and a reflection which engages the self most wholly and

          deeply. Because it engages the whole self without a fixed yardstick

          it can be called a personal reflection….[I]n this reflection the self is

          in question; what is at stake is the definition of those inchoate

          evaluations which are sensed to be essential to our identity (117).

    Taylor makes this claim about responsibility for self in opposition to Sartre’s

characterization of the human condition as nothingness and absolute freedom. Sartre

derives from this condition an understanding of freedom as the radical, infinite openness

of the freedom of our choices and concludes that it is this freedom that characterizes our

fundamental moral dilemma. Taylor argues that it is not the weight of the openness that

defines our moral selves or the moral dilemmas we face, but the fact that various choices

necessarily blind and pull us in different directions. Sartre’s example of an individual

faced with joining the Resistance or staying home to take care of his dying mother

constitutes a dilemma, according to...

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