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Cheating Essay

  • Submitted by: kaighel
  • on November 18, 2013
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Though cheating, at times, does seem extremely appealing; it is not the appropriate approach to accomplish the tasks required or designated. By cheating, one is lying to not only others, but themselves as well. Society frowns upon this heinous act and has deemed it taboo to engage in such a morally questionable occurrence. Through the act of cheating a person is missing the true concept of what they are accomplishing, and therefore missing out on a potential life lesson.
As children we are taught the basics of a moral code by our parents. With this, we are taught that “by cheating you are only cheating yourself”, which means that we are cheating ourselves of both knowledge as well as experiences. The societal moral code is how anarchy is avoided, for if cheating were socially acceptable nothing of consequence would be achieved. When you cheat at something, you are actually telling a lie. Lying is widely known as an extremely unacceptable and morally questionable act in a vast majority of cultures.
Through cheating one is missing out on the opportunity to grow as a person. By simply cheating on a single piece of homework one is depriving themselves of the knowledge they could have gained from accomplishing the task on their own.
From a sports standpoint cheating is entirely intolerable. If a football player were to take steroids, he would be cheating due to the unfair advantage he would be given. Steroids provide an unnatural boost in a person’s physical capabilities, therefore they would be capable of performing physical acts with more ease.

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