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Child Care Essay

  • Submitted by: milliemartin
  • on November 17, 2013
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TDA 2:1 Child and young person development.         Level 2    
  Unit ref:H/601/3305
Physical development:
From birth to 3 years: When a baby is first born they have very little physical control over their bodies. They are mainly dependent on sucking and grasping. A baby’s physical development is very fast in their first year, they gain more control eg.   Sitting up, crawling or rolling along the floor. By the time the child is two they should be walking, trying to feed themselves and learning a few words and being able to follow small instructions eg. Wave goodbye, give me a kiss. By the end of three years old they will have learned to walk, run, maintain the control of holding a pencil and crayons etc, they also should be holding small conversations and their level of vocabulary should expand. The child should also be feeding themselves too.                                  

Communication and intellectual development:        
In a baby’s first year their only way of communication is through smiling or crying, by the time a young child is two they can point, sign or babble a few words, mainly mispronounced and limited vocabulary to communicate. They should at least now know up to 200 words. By the age of three they will have more social skills eg. Going to playgroup/mothers and toddlers and day to day interaction. They will have learned to follow instructions and have conversations with other children and adults.   In my opinion, I think it’s important to interact and stimulate a child through play, books and conversation.
Social, emotional and behavioural development:
At birth to one year, a child has little social skills. Their emotional behaviour is generally based around crying for food or smiling at familiar people. By the age of two, they may show social skills by waving hello or goodbye and also this is the age where tantrums have started through frustration and the lack of understanding to control their emotional and behavioural...

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