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Child Development Essay

  • Submitted by: sineadm13
  • on November 18, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Child Development" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Item Evidence Date
Prone: can lift head and chest well clear of the floor supporting themselves with outstretched arms.  TC lifted her head and chest well clear of floor when she was placed on play mat 14/10/13
Prone: may pull knees up to attempt crawling       x     TC made no effort to do this during my observation 14/10/13
Supine: can lift head to look at feet  Was lifting her head to look at her feet while on floor 14/10/13
Supine: will kick strongly using alternative feet  Kicked very strongly when her nappy was being changed 14/10/13
Supine: can lift up legs and attempt to put foot in their mouth  While on the floor TC did lift her legs and try to put in mouth 14/10/13
Supine: may lift arms to be picked up  When mother went over to TC she put her arms out to be lifted up 14/10/13
Sitting: held sitting back is straight and head firmly erect  When TC had finished her bottle and was been winded she sat up straight and her head was firmly erect 14/10/13
Sitting: can sit on their own for a short space of time  TC was able to sit on floor momentarily without falling over but when put on sofa with her back supported she sat for a few minutes without toppling to the side 14/10/13
Standing: can bear their own weight when held standing  TC was able to bear her weight when held standing in front of her mother 14/10/13
Standing: may demonstrate the parachute reflex when held in the air and whooshed down N/O

Uses palmer grasp to grasp certain toys  She used palmer grasp when picking up her teething ring 14/10/13
Can hold rattle in their hand  TC was able to hold her rattle and had a strong grip on it when doing so 14/10/13
Can move rattle from one hand to the other  TC was able to put rattle from one hand to the next which she did several times 14/10/13
Put toys in their mouth to explore them  Every toy that TC came in contact with was placed in her mouth 14/10/13...

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