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Child Obesity Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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Child Obesity

As humans, we need to eat food everyday of our lives. We also need to keep a healthy weight by taking in the normal amount of calories. If children do not do this, then they will become over-weight as time goes by. The number of obese children is rising and the numbers are not stopping. Obesity is the most common medical condition-affecting children in the United States. The lack of sleep, genetic factors, parent’s influence, dietary habits, and physical inactivity cause children to be obese around the world.
The first cause of their obesity is lack of sleep. According to Jeff Barnes, a study showed that children that lack sleep could be at risk of being obese. Barnes also stated that when you do not sleep, a hormone called ghrelin increases and a hormone called leptin decreases. When ghrelin is increased, it causes the human body to be hungry. Also, when leptin is decreased, it is hard to tell if you are full or if you do not need food. To reduce obesity, parents and guardians need to make sure that their children are getting plenty of sleep. More sleep will result in less obese kids for our country.
Genetic factors also cause obesity. This means that a child would have a high percentage of being obese if their family members are over-weight. According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, a recent study showed that a child would have a seventy-five percent chance of being obese if both parents are obese. This study also stated that a child would have a twenty-five to fifty chance of being obese if one parent was obese. If obesity is reduced, then the genetic cause of obesity will be reduced too.
The parents or guardians have a huge effect on the kids. The children look up to the parents in many ways. They want to be just like their parents and they want to mimic them. This includes the parent’s diet. If the adult eats junk food, then so will the child. The parent also controls what the kid eats. Oliveria and...

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