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Childbearing Essay

  • Submitted by: shirla1972
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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Shirla Gatson
PSY-225 Human Sexuality
Jimletta Vareena-Thomas
August 05, 2012

                                              Methods of Birth Assessment

    Childrearing is the one of the most crucial times in a mother’s and father’s life
and is a journey into parenthood and finally experiencing becoming an adult. The child birthing
practice allows us to decide on which birth methods we prefer, but some childbearing are not by
choice. There are much that has been written about childbearing practices, whether it; the wrong
way or the right way, which also chosen by different culture. Personally child bearing changes
have changed and are unalike in different cultures. There are some differences that are quite
intemperate and obvious whereas others are definitely more subtle, despite there are apparent
differences, and there are similarities inherent when it comes to giving birth. The delivery of a
baby is one of life’s most valuable moments, and the view of a new life. Labour can also be a
unpleasant, hurting, and can bring the feasibility of difficulty or problem for both mother and baby. The birthing of a baby is a process that requires intervention from a medical professional
facility which help guide the mother through labor and delivery.

      That’s why they have different of methods of birth assessment that is out there like
Vaginal birth and cesarean which are both done in the hospitals or birthing centers. It is very
important to always to get ready and make preparation, to prepare a birth plan before coming to
the hospital and let the staff aware of your preference of choices. Sometimes prior to your arrival
there or a written birth method plan that might be pre-approved by your OB-GYN due to certain
health issues, to ease the stress for the mother and her baby during labor. Cause there
isn’t no assure way to for see the future what the birthing will be like no matter which choice is selected. That is why it is...

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