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Childcare Essay

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  • on November 24, 2012
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3.1 How to monitor children and young people’s development using different methods
The reason why children and young people’s development is monitored is to know those children or young people that are or not meeting up to the expected pattern of development. If the child or young people development does not meet the expected pattern of development, a plan and support will be put in place for the child or young people to make the necessary progress. Certain area of development does not developed on it but it is a combination of all areas of SPICE (Social, Physical, Intellectual, Communication and language and Emotional) developments.
Different professionals assess children and young people throughout their lives by using different types of methods. Children and young people’s development can be asses through observation, parents or carers and others.  
Apgar scores is used to monitor new born baby is health and in the early months   and years   following the birth of a baby and also, continues monitored   and assessed will be done by the health visitors and doctor to make sure that the baby development is   proceeding   according to the expected pattern of development.  
Observations are a vital way to assess children’s development.   Formative assessments framework Early Years Foundation Stage   (EYFS) profile are used in education setting   to monitor and assess children in order to plan different activities for children.
Parents, carers and others involved in the child lives have knowledge of the child and practitioners can involve them to build up a fuller picture of the child they want to assess. They should ask them to know what the child does at home and compare the way the child play at setting to the way the child play at home and also to ask about the child’s family and culture.
Views and comments of parents, carers and others should be included in the child’s record and children and young people need to be stimulated   to express their choices for certain...

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