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Children Of Men, A Social Commentary? Essay

  • Submitted by: inesd88
  • on November 9, 2010
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Children of men, a social commentary?

Last semester I watched Children of men for a class, and did some work around it. This amazing movie really moved me deeply, so when we watched the car scene in Film History, I decided it was time to explore it as something more than an entertaining film. The car scene fascinated me, so I started to work on it, but I rapidly drifted on a wider analyze of the movie, as social commentary, and new form of political fiction.
  There can just be one word to describe the chase scene: mind-blowing. This scene is amazing of virtuosity and the editing makes it a work of art.
This one long take starts calmly, and one understands its real nature after one minute. The camera moves discreetly in the car with an astonishing ease. Miriam wakes Clive Owen up because of his snores. The camera slowly moves back for that Julianne Moore can get in the conversation, and then moves back further to reach the larger frame possible of the car. It turns to the left to reveal the driver and begins light rotations to follow the chat. The moves of the camera are slow and reveal the peaceful mood of the characters. Everything is all right so far. The camera allows the viewer to get in the quiet privacy of the characters, and makes him feel the same way.
Julianne Moore turns around to play with Clive Owen and the camera takes its original position again. Suddenly, Miriam shows something on the road, and the camera follows her gesture to film the front of the car. That way the viewer has the point of view of the car’s passengers, and can actually feel the same panic. The camera shakes a little, and moves faster and faster, in an uncoordinated way, showing the stampede of the character. It is like if the audience was really in the car and, panicked, was looking around and around to find help. The camera makes back and forth on the characters, to show their reactions but also what happens around the car (the bikers, etc). It is a very intense moment...

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