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Children's Art Essay

  • Submitted by: EveRuff1
  • on November 18, 2013
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Children are our future. They will lead our country and our world into the years to come. They will make the decisions that will affect all of us. All we can do is try to shape their lives so they become responsible adults. We can try to understand them in order to better predict what is to come. What better way to do that than through art? What better way to understand them than to analyze what they think is important enough to put down on paper? What they immortalize on plain blank sheets? What they express through the tip of a pencil? What they let flow onto canvas? Such art can show great insight into children because it is the pure epitome of authentic and unfiltered self-expression.
Children’s art shows each child’s infatuations, predications, and ambitions as well as a deep insight into their experiences. They draw what they want or need or feel and, through that, express powerful emotions. In 2010, an earthquake hit Haiti and was devastating not only to the country but also to its resident’s. One in five of the victims needed professional emotional counseling to cope with the horrors they had seen. Because Haiti is an impoverished country, professional help was not available to many of the children so instead “art has emerged as the primary source for understanding and healing in the nonprofit organization, Art Creation Foundation for Children” (Pauckner). The leaders of the foundation “noted that the children’s artwork reveals not only the devastation from the earthquake and a country that still is in political and economic unrest but also the hope that they hold   despite these events and conditions” (Pauckner). Children are more open about their emotions so a horrific event such as an earthquake released these sentiments unhindered and they had nowhere to turn to until art was introduced into their lives. This allowed them to purely express the human condition.
Adults have learned to hide raw emotions that might expose too much of their personal lives...

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