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China and Taiwan's Relationship Essay

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  • on November 24, 2012
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Asian Studies B4
8 March 2011

China and Taiwan’s Relationship: Would there be positive or negative impacts on the Taiwanese society if Taiwan became part of China?
For the past few decades, China and Taiwan, maintaining a volatile relationship, has grown impatient of the political patchwork that has kept Taiwan separated from China since 1949. After losing to the Communist Party, the nationalist Kuomintang(KMT) fled to Taiwan. Since then, China claims Taiwan to be a province of China, while Taiwan insists that it is an independent nation (Lee). With the increasing power of China, the current ambiguous relationship between the two countries will alter in the near future. The question that Taiwan should start considering would be whether there will be positive or negative impacts on the Taiwanese society if Taiwan becomes part of China. If Taiwan becomes part of China, there will be more economic opportunities for Taiwan, but the negative impacts such as changes in the governing system, environment, and economy will be more imminent in the Taiwanese society.
As a result of unification, there can be more economic opportunities for Taiwan. During the past few years, Taiwan had been increasing their economic dependence on China. China and Taiwan signed an economic cooperation agreement called the ECFA in 2010 to “boost trade that is already worth US$100 billion annually and ease political tensions” (Pan). With this reliance, it would be difficult for Taiwan to declare independence, causing possible political tensions with China which might lead to the cut of trading opportunities. However, if Taiwan agrees to become a province of China, Taiwan would be able to sell its products not only within Taiwan. Also, its product would be allowed to be sold in China without tariffs. Furthermore, Taiwanese investors would be able invest more freely in the Chinese market. Although more economic opportunities may be gained from unification of the two countries, the political...

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