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Christian Essay

  • Submitted by: SHauntay12
  • on November 18, 2013
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Christians can play an important role in the environment.   The role they play can be spiritual and physical.   Christians who fully understand God’s creation of the world will take the environment very serious.   The people of the world have become very wasteful and non-productive.   Man is doing everything but the right thing when it comes to the environment.   God created the earth before man, but it was designed for man.   He allowed us to eat from it and create from it.   Why do we overuse our gift? The question can’t no contractions be answered because with advancements and creativity the world uses the land more. Christians can do a lot to help the world they can preach about it in sermons, pass the word to fellow Christians, and even help in the community.   The environment is important and taking care of it should not be taken lightly.   Christians must do their part to assist in making this world a better place.

Christians and the Environment
The world is being destroyed right before man’s eyes and everyone must do their part to fix it.   The environment is every one’s responsibility regardless of race, religion, or culture anyone make a difference.   The earth’s environment is being destroyed from man’s daily life to natural disturbances.   The advancement of technology and cars has increased productivity throughout the world.   The industry is putting out fumes and harmful chemicals into the environment daily because of this productivity.   Mankind has a responsibility to God and themselves to take care of this world that he has blessed us with.   In Christianity, God is the central pillar, creator of heavens and earth. God created the earth “to be inhabited” (Isaiah 45:18, NLV). The earth provides man with everything they need so it should not be destroyed by them.   The Christian environment is   one of the largest most influential groups in the world and have the ability to stop the destruction of earth’s environment with their vast network.   Good...

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