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Christoper Columbus Essay

  • Submitted by: valiant
  • on November 4, 2010
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Cameron Lestagez
M-W 7-815
Christopher Columbus
In history, there are always going to be names one must remember. Without a doubt, the name Christopher Columbus should be on that list. Christopher Columbus made his page in history through his findings and major explorations. The muse and inspiration that started his explorations besides curiosity was in high demand of a quicker route through the Atlantic Ocean to get to Asia. In searching for this, he stumbled across America by a mistake. This is where Christopher Columbus gained most of his recognition and fame for. But he was actually not the first person to reach the Americas. Columbus lived from 1451 to 1506. Ironically his last voyage ended in 1504. His voyages had major effects on the world. His travels led to the opening of the western hemisphere for mass colonization. It also opened up large scale trade generating profit for many powers. These routes traded not only animals, plants and goods, but ideas, cultures, and religion. This opened up the minds and connected the world. Christopher Columbus’s father was a middle class wool weaver. He also had brothers (in later years would help in with his travels). One of his brothers worked in a cartography workshop for most of his adulthood. His brother Bartolommeo helped him map out his travels and teach him how to participate in cartography. The first time Columbus went to sea was when he was at age 10. The purpose of the ship he was on was to conquer the Kingdom of Naples. As he grew older he got a job as an agent for the some powerful families of Genoa. Besides being a voyager, he also took part in militarism type acts. He was a very smart person. Around this time, he learned nearly 4 languages, astronomy, geography, and history. All these factors also contributed to his success in the outer world. His first long voyage was that of the Aegean Sea. It was a successful voyage that made much profit. This trip was...

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