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Cisco Case Study: as Cisco Scales Back, Investors Watch Closely

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Cisco was founded in 1984 by husband and wife academics from Stanford.   They built a hardware and software system that could open data packets, translate them, and distribute them to any kind of computer network, shipping their first commercial product, the AGS router, in 1986.   It was the first multi-protocol router on the market, which they perceived to be computer scientists and engineers in universities, research centers, aerospace industry and government institutions that used the ARPANET (the predecessor of the Internet) but by 1988 they expanded to commercial corporations [1].   Steady sales growth in a rapidly developing market led to very rapid growth, but to meet such rapid growth, the company acquired venture capital and was compelled to take on a new CEO with a business background.   The new management took the company public in 1990 and shifted strategies to explore international markets; partner with companies like Microsoft, Novell, and Hewlett-Packard; and added even more multi-protocol support features to its products.   Fortune magazine rated Cisco the fastest growing company in the US in 1992.   By 1993 management adopted an aggressive acquisition strategy to sustain growth.   A new technology called switches appeared, which were less sophisticated and cheaper than routers but performed many of their functions, so Cisco bought out those companies.   This began a very aggressive acquisition strategy to acquire technology and talent that lasted until 2011.   This acquisition strategy was so aggressive that some observers called it “R&D by Acquisition,” which allowed Cisco to more rapidly adopt and integrate innovations than any of its competitors. These strategies were initially very successful, for example by 1997 about 80 percent of the large-scale routers in the world that powered the Internet were made and sold by Cisco [2].   Within the past 7-10 years Cisco has made added software and services to its core business.   It was primarily these...

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