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Civil Liberties and Civil Rights Essay

  • Submitted by: Jxserrato1
  • on November 18, 2013
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John Serrato
American Government
It is safe to assume that a majority of Americans today praise the idea of human equality and natural rights.   These values are integrated into our core social beliefs.   It is this idea that gave muscle to the movement of independence from England in the late 18th century and set the stage for a new type of constitution that would insure these rights to all people.
The population that colonized British ruled North America consisted of outcasts, essentially individuals whose way of life or at least preferred way of life were either forbidden or ridiculed in their home country.   Many fled the oppressive governments of Europe to gain a fresh start and indulge in the personal liberties that many colonists had defined in several charters concerning the cherished value of natural freedoms and rights.   In the years leading up to the revolutionary war, tension with Great Britain became increasingly intense, resulting in the tyrannical intrusion of colonial liberties on behalf of the British government.   After independence had been gained and the failure of the Articles of Confederation, many citizens of the new nation were skeptical about whether or not the new U.S. constitution with its established national government would sustain stability as well as equality.   Anti-federalists were reluctant to ratify the constitution, but compromised only on the condition that a bill of rights be added to insure protection of American lives from the new government.   James Madison drew material from multiple states’ bill of rights, out of these would rise the first ten amendments to the constitution.   The citizens of these former colonies were still dealing with the aftermath of a war against an oppressive empire.   Not surprisingly, when composing their states’ bill of rights, they happened to heavily oppose a strong national government and attempted to limit the power there of.   The legacy of British tyranny and oppressive persecution is...

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