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Claim to Teach a Baby to Read Essay

  • Submitted by: borrellaz
  • on November 25, 2012
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Claim to Teach a Baby to Read


Claim to Teach a Baby to Read
It is easy to assume that most American’s have seen the informicial for the “Your Baby Can Read!” company or has heard a personal review from one of the many parents that have purchased the program.   This product takes a marketing campaign of both scientific influence as well as playing on the emotional and pyschological buying pressures of the parents. This paper will anaylyze this product to determine if the claims made by this company were true and what scientific data if any can promote or deny the credibility of the product.
‘Your baby can read!” is a product endorsed by the creator and founder Dr. Robert Titzer, M.D. This product is geared towards young babies from the age of 6 months and up and promises through the use of the program to “teach” your baby to read.   This program utilizes a large amount of videos, flash cards and pop-up books that are teach the child to read at a very young age.   The advertisements for this program also state that “Babies are sponges for language. Teach them early, and they’ll have a major advantage in life” (Dewar, 2012).
Multiple issues have began to surface over this type of baby genius building materiels that are running rampant in the child merchandise sector.   Are the claims made true?   What scientific information is being supplied, if any?   Are the products proving themselves with the consumers?   It seems to be big business these days to create products that promise parents that their children will have greater oppurtunities and less struggles in life.   “Boston-based Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood filed a complaint about "Your Baby Can Read" with the commission in April 2011. The advocacy group has led a series of campaigns against what critics call the "genius baby" industry” (CBS/AP, 2012).  
The Federal Trade Commision also agreed that the claims were unfounded and misleading and backed lawsuits again the...

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